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“My family enjoyed the excellent organization of Smart Sail during our first holidays in Croatia, and the skipper was of great help in arranging our route. We’re looking forward to the next occasion!”
Tomas Morenson (Malmö, Sweden)

“Smart Sail is definitely a must when planning a sailing vacation in Dalmatia.”
Rudolf Solenjak (Izola, Slovenia)

“The team building week went great, and renting a sailboat charter was a good choice. It was a nice mix of business and pleasure. I’d recommend Smart Sail to anyone looking for constructive and pleasant holidays.”
Petar Kostek (Zagreb, Croatia)

“[…] this year, we decided to explore the beautiful coast of Croatia for the first time. Being certified skippers ourselves, it’s a shame we didn’t visit it earlier! You can count on Smart Sail to provide you with high-quality boats and recommend best sailing routes.”
Daniel Nash, Anne Nash (Bristol, UK)

“I was extremely happy to choose your charter for me and my family.”
Giovanni Ricotta (Palermo, Italy)

“It’s been a pleasure to sail with you three years in a row. Next summer, we’ll make it four!”
Mladen Kelemen (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

“My friends and I opted for a 2-week sailing vacation when we decided to spend our holidays differently. Thanks to Smart Sail, we are now completely smitten with sailing and the gorgeous Dalmatian coastline.”
Edward Thompson (London, UK)

“[…] we chose the sailboat and the route ourselves, but are pleasantly surprised by the excellent service and helpful tips provided by Smart Sail. You’ll definitely hear from us next year!”
Ante Ostrevski (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

“My partner and I would like to thank you and your skipper for everything. It was a great pleasure sailing with you! Next time, we’ll bring our children along.”
Steffi Wolfdorf, Friedrich Wolfdorf (Frankfurt, Germany)

“This was our first holiday in Croatia, and I must say that the coastline is simply breath-taking. Your devotion to preserving the Adriatic Sea is equally admirable as the superb service you provide to your customers. We’ll definitely contact you when we decide to revisit your beautiful country again.”
Linus Kestensen (Copenhagen, Denmark)