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Smart Sail Eco Charter was founded by true lovers of the sea and sailing, in the hope that the preservation of the Adriatic Sea and coastline can co-exist harmoniously with sailing yacht charter. This is achieved not only by reducing the emissions of hazardous substances in the environment, but also by raising awareness on the vulnerability of the sea and its surroundings. At the same time, we aim to raise the quality of stay on our yachts to a higher level by offering a range of optional activities, while also completely respecting the client’s individual wishes and preferences.

Through charter activities, we closely monitor the degree of impact on the environment, and ensure it is kept as low as possible (by using eco-friendly primers, coating and cleaning products, waste management methods, etc.). In order to familiarize our guests with the conditions of the sea and seashore, we constantly come up with new activities such as trekking tours, certified diving tours, underwater photo safaris, kayaking around the island, biking tours, and so on.

The charter itself was founded in 2015 with headquarters in Seget Donji near Trogir, one of the most beautiful Dalmatian towns under the protection of UNESCO. Smart Sail brings together a team of people who have been engaged in charter and yacht business for many years, which they enjoy and are unquestionably devoted to. Each of our distinguished guests testifies to our mission: our dedicated staff and personalized service provide them with an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Apart from the usual check-in procedure at the base, we always seek to advise our guests on the best sailing routes, stunning beaches, extraordinary bays and anchorages, and superb restaurants and bars. We are also on hand to provide helpful information or suggestions so that our guests feel pleasant and comfortable on their sailing holiday.

The distinctive feature of our charter company is its ownership structure – there is no charter management, and we own the entire fleet. Such structure guarantees a superior maintenance service of our yachts. Each component is monitored, serviced and replaced more frequently, all of which ensures the safety of the navigation and also contributes to the satisfaction of our guests.

We sincerely hope that our guests will recognize the uniqueness of our charter company, as we are not focused solely on profit; we strive for the satisfaction of our guests, while also keeping in mind the environment and its protection. We strongly believe that those who spend their sailing holidays in Croatia share with us the fascination with the sea, as well as the desire to preserve it.